Reiki traitement


Lahochi is a therapy based on energy. It uses the life energy to balance the person's energy to be stronger and free flowing in its entirety: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Lahochi helps to maintain a balanced state of health and awareness.


All individuals


  • Take care of your wellness and boost your energy

  • Facilitate your body to heal in case of pain and tension

  • Reduce emotional stress: depression, loss, shock, break-up, change (move, work), anxiety, etc.

  • Have a good complement to traditional treatment, a pre and/or post-surgery, secondary effects due to chemical treatments or anaesthesia


After a discussion, you rest comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed.  Just relax and enjoy the treatment. I move through specific standard Lahochi hand positions. After the treatment, can be discussed how the session was for you (sensation and emotions felt).

Please note that

I do not replace the doctor

I do not make diagnosis

I do not prescribe drugs nor treatment

I do not promise a healing


90€ for a 1h15-30 session

To make an appointment by email, text or phone:

06 71 61 33 87


24, rue Le Brun - 75013 Paris

Métro Les Gobelins (7)  or Campo Formio (5)

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Hoang-Lien Guillon

Therapist and Lahochi practitioner

I welcome adults in my office in Paris 13 for Lahochi treatment.

I am also qualified in Art-therapy and Family constellations therapy. If you are interested in these methods, appointments can be made only on request. I will be pleased to be your partner in your personal development's path.

As you are your own master, dare to meet yourself to create your life!

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